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Healing Stress, Anxiety, &
Chronic Conditions with the
Total Relief Method

The process of healing needs to come from a deep understanding of where the actual pain is originating—the actual source of the stress, anxiety and pain and not just the symptoms.

The Total Relief Method™ is a rapid recovery non-medical therapy that uses small and precise resistance motions called Calibrations to establish new signal patterns in the brain, mind and body. These Calibration motions are performed by a highly skilled certified practitioner with deep knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. The client is actively engaged in the process– setting this Method apart from all others. The certified practitioner uses specific ‘contact points’ that when touched by the practitioner triggers specific muscle reflexes. The client pushes against the practitioner’s hands while being guided verbally to move in precise direction, force, and speed. The proprietary motion recipe gently triggers the brain to switch into a hyper-learning state. During this state, the brain removes incorrect, inefficient or extraneous signals and replaces them with highly refined patterns not only for motion but for thinking, emotion, and behavior.

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The Process

Number 1

Step 1

Assessment and Evaluation

Each client submits a detailed self-assessment and medical history that is reviewed and evaluated by a Certified Calibrationist prior to the first appointment. At the first appointment, further details will be discussed and the Certified Calibrationist will ask you to walk for several minutes to observe any correlations between your symptoms and the dynamic motions of your body (A person’s walk is extremely revealing). A Kinetic Sequencing protocol is created for your specific case.

Number 2

Step 2

Oxygenating Your Brain and Body

Your Calibrationist will teach you the importance and show you how to get the right amount of oxygen to your brain and body by triggering your diaphragm muscle – the main breathing mechanism to function PROPERLY. Over 90% of people do not get enough oxygen because their diaphragm is inactive. By simply activating your diaphragm two amazing things happen: First, you get the ideal amount of oxygen into your system; and second, your diaphragm becomes a firm structural core muscle causing immediately improved upright posture and taking pressure off the lower back. Most clients experience an instant 50% reduction in pain just from learning to breathe with an activated and calibrated diaphragm.

Number 3

Step 3

Kinetic Sequencing to Activate and Calibrate Specific Muscles

Your Calibrationist will guide the specific muscles and joints that are most greatly influencing your chronic conditions through small, slow and precise bio-mechanical motions – these motions are called Calibrations. For example, if you are experiencing neck pain, your Calibrationist may work on activating and calibrating your jaw (specifically your TMJ) and your feet as they both are intricately linked to the vertebrae in your neck.

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