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Your Questions Answered

1. What is the Stress Hormone Production Factor (SHPF) test?

At the Total Relief Method, we have come up with a way to estimate your predisposition for stress hormone production by calculating the results of two simple breathing tests. These tests play a key role for measuring your ability to deliver oxygen to your brain and body. The respiratory rate test measures how many breaths you take per minute when you are at rest – 12 to 18 breaths/min is considered normal but we like to see it below 12. The more breaths you need to take the more oxygen deprived you tend to be. The second test is known as a controlled pause and it measures the length of time you can comfortably pause your breathing after a normal exhale. The more oxygenated and healthy you are the longer you will be able to pause your breath. We like to see controlled pauses above 30 seconds. Take a moment to find your own stress hormone production factor by testing yourself online. You’ll get your results instantly.


2. What is "chronic pain?”

Chronic pain can be defined as pain that lasts in excess of 3 months and that does not heal within expected time frames. Pain is also deemed to be chronic if it does not respond to treatments, keeps coming back and/or increases over time in either frequency or intensity.


3. What is Stress?

Stress and anxiety can only be felt when your stress hormones are elevated. At its core, stress is a physiological condition and not an emotional one and it cannot be treated by simply changing your outlook on life. Positive and negative emotions are felt in relation to the balance of stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine) and the feel good hormones (serotonin and dopamine). The easiest way to manage stress hormones is to make sure your brain is receiving enough oxygen. You can test your predisposition for excess stress hormone production by taking our online Stress Hormone Producton Factor test.


4. How much does the Total Relief Method cost?

Recovery Session: This session is $225 (50% off our normal session price) and is about 1.5 to 2 hours long. During this session, we:

* Provide a customized consultation with Dr. Rubenstein to find out what you are currently struggling with
* Activate the diaphragm to get you breathing more optimally
* Calibrate the TMJ to relax the trigeminal nerve located in your jaw (the stress button of the body)
* Teach a powerful breathing technique to support you moving forward

This initial session is designed to get you and Dr. Rubenstein on the same page regarding issues that wish to be addressed and provide education of our method of treatment.

Prior to this session, you will be asked to fill out our online self-assessment form for the customized consultation. 

2. Alleviation Program: This series of 4 sessions is $1800 and is designed to improve breathing and sleep by bring down the background stress with the following:

* 4 Calibrations
* 2 Breathing Techniques
* 12 Fascia Stretch Program
* Walking & Stand Up Techniques

* Interrupt and reverse stress hormone production
* Initialize relaxation hormone production
* Restore breathing
* Increase lung performance
* Cancel maladaptive breathing (Step, shallow, pendulum, paradoxical)
* Eliminate fascia tightness and chronic pain
* Remind the body how it feels to be truly relaxed (internal owning)
* Restore hope
* Reduce reaction to stress (restore sense of control)
* Acquire mental clarity without need of intense energy expenditure
* Reduce distractibility
* Enhanced sleep depth & sleep result
* Mood enhancement and stabilization
* Stop emotional volatility
* Improve relationship connections
* Stop grinding/bruxing of jaw

3.  Activation Program: This series of 5 sessions is $2250 and directly follows the Alleviation Program*. These sessions are designed to activate more muscle fibers throughout the body, causing more stability, effortless movement, increased focus and concentration and pain alleviation (sciatica, plantar fasciitis, migraines, arthritis, etc.). This portion of the TRM program is great for athletes who want to improve their personal performance. *The Alleviation Program is a mandatory prerequisite as we do not "chase" problems. We target the cause and kill it.

4. Mastery Program: This series of 5 sessions is $2250 and directly follows the Activation Program. In these sessions, we go back over the areas we activated and begin calibrating the body starting at the feet and continue up to the core, then upper thorax and then cranial. These protocols fortify a clear connection between the body and the brain. The nervous system and mind will be calm and quiet, making it easier to move through time and space, make choices vs. decisions and become unperturbed by life's distractions and dramas.

Offer #1: If you choose to enroll in the Alleviation Program at the end of the Recovery Session and pay in advance, the $225 Recovery Session fee will be waived.

Offer #2: If you would like to enroll in the full TRM Program of $6300 at the end of the Recovery Session and pay in advance, we offer a 10% discount off the total, bringing the balance to $5670.

Financing:  If you would like to set up a payment plan, you can do the following:

* $450 per session for direction of the program
* $225 per session and schedule additional payments of $225 following the program scheduled based on individual budget

* Set up payment plan through PayPal upon receipt of the invoice
* Customized payment plans upon request

* Insurance is not accepted at this time

We will work with any budget to avoid financing getting in the way of recovery/treatment. Our goal is to get you out of pain and suffering.


5. What if my stress/anxiety is not greatly reduced or eliminated – is there a guarantee?

YES! Our promise to you is that we will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety. Why can we make such a guarantee? Because we have a 97.8% success rate with our clients.


6. What is calibration?

A person is deemed to be calibrated when all the muscles in the body have been both activated and orchestrated (calibrated) to allow the brain, nervous system and the body to work as intended. Calibration has the benefit of eliminating chronic pain, increasing metal clarity and enhancing physical strength and endurance.


7. What is Kinetic Sequencing™

Kinetic Sequencing™ is the process of guiding various parts of the body through precise, 4cm per second motions at 10% of maximum effort. This breakthrough process activates and calibrates the neuro-muscular system by triggering the brain to observe and correct nervous system errors thereby restoring body and brain functions to a pre-trauma state. The result is an almost instant and lasting reduction of chronic pain.


8. What kinds of chronic pain can you have the greatest effect on?

Once we understand what causes chronic pain, we can begin to treat it right at its source. One of the core tenets of calibration is that chronic pain cannot exist in calibrated body. As such we have had success rate of greatly reducing or eliminating the following common chronic pains and ailments:​

  • Migraine headaches

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Low back pain

  • Hip pain

  • Knee pain

  • Foot pain

  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome

  • Arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Herniated disks (if less than 7mm herniation)

  • Asthma


9. What qualifications does it take to be a Certified Calibrationist™?

All practitioners are certified by Dr. David Rubenstein, PhD, the creator of brain-body calibration and Kinetic Sequencing™. Our program is open everyone who has the dedication and desire to serve others through the use of these unique methods. Before being accepted into our training program, everyone must whole-heartedly believe in our core purpose of “Ending suffering where ever and whenever possible."

10. What are your core values?

  • Show Caring and Compassion in Everything We Do

  • Always Look For a Better Way

  • Listen to Understand

  • Make Things Simple

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