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Pressure to improve the relapse rates of addiction treatment facilities are heating up. All over the country addiction is increasingly described as a national and local ‘crisis.’ A big part of this problem is because the relapse rates are so high (90%) that the total number of addicts keeps climbing – tragically so are the mortality rates. Until the relapse rate problem is tackled in a much more statistically significant way – this trend is projected to continue and the treatment facilities and their operators are expected to come under greater pressure to do something about the relapse problem.

One man is doing exactly that – Dr. David Rubenstein, PhD of Southern California – an expert of the nature of Stress and its role in the development of addiction and relapse, has created and tested a new approach. “We have to begin by understanding and perhaps admitting that much of what generates addiction and relapse in the first place is not as well understood as is popularly thought. He goes on to say, “numbers don’t lie, if we really did have adequate understanding then the relapse rates would reflect this in a numerical way: Instead these rates insist that something is missing here. A 90% failure rate is scientifically and morally unacceptable.”

A new treatment model and a specific protocol of practitioner-based manual alternative physical medicine was developed and has been in use since 2013 with a track record that shows at least a 35% reduction in relapse over the first year.

The Total Relief Method Treatment

The physical treatment is once weekly and an hour long: a ‘one-two punch’ to stress reflexes is deployed in each session. The first component is breathing re-training in stages. The second component is to stress-specific body regions that are responsible for asymmetrical (disproportionate) stress responses and maintaining a constantly present stressed state. One example is the jaw joint or TMJ. During stress human clinch their jaw – even at night causing the brain/body to amplify its stress state, causes muscle tension, and body pain – both of which add to the total stress picture.

The physical component is brain focused but is achieved by specialized, newly invented by Rubenstein, motions called ‘Calibrations,’ which trigger the brain to enter into a hyper-learning state. The motions are gentle and slow but extremely precise. In essence these practitioner-guided movements provide new information to the brain which results in it re-organizing itself. You might call it ‘a brain re-boot.’

What Does It Do?

All of the effects listed below are immediate and long lasting:

  • Oxygenate the brain/body in a manner not achievable by exercise, or other forms of ‘deep breathing’ like Yoga

  • Improved sleep

  • Stress / anxiety / depression reduction by at least 70% with each session

  • Improve focus and concentration (dramatic)

  • Remove brain fog – increase mental clarity

  • Stabilize emotions and improve cognitive function

  • Decrease drama and increase data

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