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The Total Relief Method™ is a rapid recovery non-medical therapy that uses small and precise resistance motions called Calibrations to establish new signal patterns in the brain, mind and body. These Calibration motions are performed by a highly skilled certified practitioner with deep knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. The client is actively engaged in the process– setting this Method apart from all others. The certified practitioner uses specific ‘contact points’ that when touched by the practitioner triggers specific muscle reflexes. The client pushes against the practitioner’s hands while being guided verbally to move in precise direction, force, and speed. The proprietary motion recipe gently triggers the brain to switch into a hyper-learning state. During this state, the brain removes incorrect, inefficient or extraneous signals and replaces them with highly refined patterns not only for motion but for thinking, emotion, and behavior.


Dr. David Rubenstein, Ph.D.'s Total Relief Method is a unique approach to pain management that combines neuromuscular re-education, breathing techniques, and mental and emotional stress reduction strategies. His method has been shown to be effective in reducing chronic pain, improving athletic performance, and enhancing overall health and wellness.


Dr. Rubenstein's expertise in exercise science and kinesiology has allowed him to develop the Neuromuscular Calibration technique, which involves re-training the body to move more efficiently and effectively. This technique helps to correct muscular imbalances and improve overall alignment, reducing the risk of injury and alleviating pain.


Dr. Rubenstein's focus on stress reduction is also a key component of his Total Relief Method. He has developed seven specific breathing techniques that help to calm the nervous system and reduce stress, as well as techniques for mental and emotional stress reduction. These approaches have been shown to be particularly effective for patients dealing with addiction and recovery.


Through his clinic, Dr. Rubenstein teaches and certifies new practitioners in his Total Relief Method, making it accessible to a wider audience. He continues to research and publish articles on pain management, addiction, health and wellness, and athletic performance, and is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing. 

Dr David Rubenstein
Ms Patty McShane

Ms. Patty McShane is a highly skilled and certified Calibrationist at Total Relief Method. As a protégé personally trained and mentored by Dr. Rubenstein, PhD, Patty is an advocate for holistic well-being. She found her calling in the field after experiencing the transformative benefits of the Rubenstein Method firsthand.


As lead Calibrationist, Patty plays an integral role in helping clients identify and heal underlying physical issues with the use of specialized ‘contact points’ that when touched by the practitioner, triggers specific muscle reflexes. This approach sets Total Relief Method apart from all others, as it emphasizes the importance of actively engaging with each client to ensure they have full control over their healing process.

In addition to her technical skills, Patty has a natural ability to connect with clients and communicate complex concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. By guiding clients through a series of motion recipes, Patty helps activate the brain's hyper-learning state, during which extraneous signals that are causing pain, movement issues, or stress are cleared. Over time, this leads to highly refined patterns of thinking, emotion, behavior, and improved mobility.


Overall, Patty's passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness through neuromuscular calibration is evident in the results she delivers on a daily basis. Her commitment to her craft and the development of new techniques makes her an invaluable member of the Total Relief Method team.

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