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Welcome to the Total Relief Method Online Store, your premier destination for all the essential items used in our office and the virtual stress-reset program. Our carefully curated selection is designed to enhance your Total Relief experience, providing you with the tools and resources needed to continue your journey towards optimal health and well-being.


Whether you're looking to replicate the calming atmosphere of our office at home or seeking to maximize the benefits of our programs, our store offers everything you need to maintain a balanced and rejuvenated state of mind and body.


Shop with confidence and take the first step towards a more centered and stress-free life. 

Yoga Mat.jpg

Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

1/2 inch thickness offers comfortable padded support and shock absorption; textured surface provides extra traction.

Tongue Depressors.jpg

Tongue Depressors

Non-Sterile Non Splinter, Chemical Free, Wooden. Used for self-calibration of the jaw/TMJ as directed by Dr. Rubenstein.

Candle_Stress No More.jpg

Stress No More Candle

Uplifting lemon and lavender create a stress-less aroma. Crisp eucalyptus and fir needle mingle throughout. A warming undertone of vanilla and cedarwood complete this relaxing aroma. Non-toxic, safe for animals.

Methylene Blue.jpg

Methylene Blue

Brain & Energy: Experience a boost in memory, brain function, and energy. Pure & Tested Quality: Formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free, & third-party tested for safety. Pharmaceutical Grade.

Yoga Blocks.jpg

Yoga Brick 

Use these yoga bricks to access difficult poses and to provide stability and improve balance in your stretches so you can feel more confident extending and reaching during your practice. Recommend purchasing qty 2.

Cajuput Oil.jpg

Cajuput Oil

Works well on sore muscles as well as upset stomach when applied topically. Aromatic eucalyptus - opens up sinuses when applied to chest area.

Power vs Force.jpg

Power vs. Force

Recommended reading. Imagine—what if you had access to a simple yes-or-no answer to any question you wished to ask? A demonstrably true answer. Any question . . . think about it.

Methylene Blue Book.jpg

Guide to Methylene Blue

The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue: Remarkable Hope for Depression, COVID, AIDS & other Viruses, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Heart Disease.

Back Belt.jpg

Back Support Brace

Use this back support brace for self-activating the diaphragm with specific instructions from Dr. Rubenstein.

Weighted Blanket.jpg

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can help relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. Great for those who suffer from anxiety.

Caster Oil.jpg

Caster Oil

Organic Castor Oil, Glass Bottle, Cold Pressed. When used topically, Caster Oil has many healing properties. TRM uses it for breaking down scar tissue and detoxifying the body.

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